Manufacture & Build

Thanks to our “core and flex” manufacturing structure, we can adapt workflows to accommodate repeat or similar contracts for volume manufacture and the construction of high-value, bespoke control systems.

It is not unusual to be producing multiple starters whilst creating an intricate complex automation system, so the variety and complexity of our customers’ business needs drive LSC’s depth of knowledge and diverse experience.

“At LSC we build to the highest standards and produce projects to defence, automotive, aerospace and specific customer specifications. All our work is carried out within our ISO 9001:2008 quality programme.”

  • Concept & Create

    concept and create
  • Design & Development

    design and development
  • Manufacture & Build

    manufacture and build
  • Install & Commission

    install and commission
  • Maintenance & Support

    maintenance and support
  • Bespoke Assemblies

    bespoke assemblies