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The directors of Leicester Switch & Control are pleased to announce the purchase of the business assets of Pimbo Industrial Design.

For Over 25 years Pimbo Industrial Design has been specialising in industrial control systems, along with the application of DC and AC Drives and Motors. Pimbo Industrial Design has been designing, engineering and building control systems for a range of customers in industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Food and Beverage, Glass and Materials Handling. Pimbo Industrial Design uses a range of PLC, HMI, VSD and SCADA products. Pimbo Industrial Design has built a reputation as a first class solutions provider.

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Recent Projects

project 1

Supply and Commissioning of 5 New Infeed Drives and Control Systems

Pimbo ID was involved in the design, supply and commissioning of the drives and control systems for 5 new tension controlled Infeed Nips for the new Tensor Towers installed at a South Yorkshire Newspaper. Using an innovative DC digital drive with a Load Cell System and locally sited touch screen HMI's, allowed for accurate control, setting up and monitoring.

project 2

Pick and Place plus Material Handling Projects for Home Care Product Manufacturer

Projects included a multi-axis servo system controlling the bending up of ironing Board Frames and the control system of two machines each with 22 pneumatic actuators designed to fix springs into clothes pegs.

project 3

Batch Mixing Machines and End of Production Line Transfer Conveyors

Pimbo ID supplied the control systems for two batch mixing machines adding flavourings to a Yorkshire Pudding Batter Line. The Systems utilised PLC control along with A.C Drives. A Servo Controlled System for the Line Transfer Conveyors was implemented into the packing area to ensure the safe transfer of the "Yorkies".

project 4

Paint Line Unloading Machine for Pallet Racking Components

With the advent of restrictions to the maximum weight that could be lifted by one person, a major pallet racking and storage solutions manufacturer purchased a bespoke designed machine to lift their racking components off a paint line and place them onto a conveyor system. Pimbo ID was contracted to design and commission the controls and drive system, built by the main contractor.

project 5

Aerospace Generator Test Rig Refurbishment

Pimbo ID had been commissioned to upgrade multiple test rig cells, running and testing aerospace generators revolving at speeds in excess of 30,000rpm. The projects include the installation of a 500HP DC Drive, networked multiple PLC systems controlling the switching of resistive and reactive load banks plus information gathered from numerous instruments and supplying data to an industrial PC with SCADA package.

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